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How to pick up your campervan after-hours

Yes, that's right, you can pick up and drop off your Spaceships campervan at one of our depots in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland whenever you like. There are no extra costs. No hidden costs whatsoever. We call it free after-hours pick-up & drop-off service or in other words: AWESOME!

Picking up your campervan after-hours

Travelling halfway across the world is stressful enough. "Did I pack all my gadgets? And my favourite pair of jandals? What time is my flight? How long will it take to check-in at the airport?"

Heaps of questions are going through your mind. One thing you don't have to worry about is what time to pick up your Spaceships campervan.

Our depots offer a free after-hours pick-up and drop-off service, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Simply lock in this free service when you're booking your campervan.

How to book the free after-hours service

It's easy to arrange this free service.

  1. Book your Spaceships campervan and select 'early after-hours' (before 8am but after midnight) or 'after-hours' in the time field (after 5pm but before midnight). 
  2. Fill out all steps of the Online Check-in Portal. You'll find the same link in your booking confirmation email.
  3. Make sure you have paid the full amount of your rental agreement. If you need to pay the remainder of your balance you can use the secure payment system.

For after-hours drop-offs, just select it on the booking page or contact us on +61 2 8356 2900 or 1300 132 469 if you are already on the road and haven't arranged the after-hours drop-off yet.

Picking up late? Safety first!

At Spaceships, we take safety seriously. If you're arriving late and going for our free after-hours pick-up service, we do recommend you not driving for a long time. Especially if you just had a long flight and are tired. Simply spend the night at a campground, holiday park or hostel nearby. Use our free camping app to find these campgrounds.

The next day, when you wake up refreshed and ready, your adventure in Australia can really begin. By the way, check out our suggested itineraries for inspiration on where to go and what to do.