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Manage your Spaceships campervan & booking

At Spaceships, we like to make your road trip as easy as possible. We've made the booking process as easy as possible. All our low rates and discounts are online on our site. But there is more than just booking your campervan.

We've added various self-service options to change/update your booking, pay the remaining balance or to get to know your Spaceships campervans before you arrive at our depot. Check it out.

Check-in online and manage your booking

The Online Check-in system opens once your booking is confirmed. You log in by using your booking reference number and your last name, which can all be found in the confirmation you have received from us. You don't have to do the online check-in in one go. You can always come back later to finish it. As long as all steps are done 1 working day before your scheduled day of pick-up.

Via the Online Check-in system you can manage your booking: update your details, add extra driver(s), add or remove accessories and more. You're in control. The Online Check-in is part of our contactless pick-up process and it speeds up the pick-up process. Less time spent at our depot is more time to spend on the road.

Open the Online Check-in System

Easiest and most secure way to pay your remaining balance

If you haven't paid in full for your confirmed booking, you can use our secure online payment portal to make the payment. You'll need your booking reference and last name (see confirmation email that was sent) to log in and to see the remaining balance.

There are no payment fees when you pay the remaining balance online. It is easy & secure.

Open Payment Portal

Reduce your excess to $0 by upgrading the insurance

Standard or basic insurance is included with every Spaceships campervan in Australia. By upgrading to our Stress-Free insurance package you will have the most complete cover and will reduce the excess to zero. We have created an easy to read page to show you the differences between all insurance options: basic, partial and stress-free.

Comparison of all insurance options

How to add accessories

The magic at Spaceships Rentals happens online. The most popular camping & campervan accessories are listed on our booking page and can be added when you book your Spaceships campervan.

The full list of accessories has been added to the Online Check-in Portal, which can be accessed once your booking is confirmed. You can always add or remove accessories via the check-in portal, as long as it is done before your scheduled day of pick-up.

See overview & price of accessories

The answers to all your questions

Our Support Station is a mega-advanced FAQ that is so easy to use. It contains the wisdom from all Spaceships Australia Crew Members about our campervans, pick-up & drop-off process, road trip & camping tips and so much more. Any question that has been asked in the past has been added so your question & answer will be there as well.

Open Support Station (FAQ)

The answers to all your questions can be found there. And no worries, the answer isn't 42 because that's only the 'Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything'... Your questions will 100% be answered in our FAQ Support Station.

Send in a cancellation request

If your travel plans have changed, please keep in mind that you can always update your travel dates free of charge (subject to availability). No need to cancel your booking for that. No worries.

However, if due to circumstances you do need to cancel your booking, please use the cancellation request form.

Open Cancellation Request Form

Features of your campervan explained: videos & manuals

Or as we like to call it, the system manuals and pilot instruction videos. Spaceships campervans are easy to use. Its features are almost self-explanatory. However, we do want to focus on some items to make the blast off to explore the outer space of Australia even easier.

We have created instructional videos that will show you how to use your Spaceships campervan. Oldskool manuals in a new-school digital format have been loaded onto the system as well. It'll be an easy start of a great #spaceshipsroadtrip in Australia.

How to...? Extensive road trip tips!

Any question you have that starts with the words HOW TO, will be answered here. Questions like....

  • How to change a flat tyre?
  • How to set up the rear awning of the campervan?
  • How to find free and budget campsites?
  • And many more how to's....

Check out all how to's

And find the answer to your question that starts with HOW TO.

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It'll be a great #spaceshipsroadtrip

Now that we have covered everything, you are ready for blast off. Have a great road trip. If there are any questions, issues or feedback, our Australian crew is only a phone call, email or chat message away.

Contact the Spaceships team

How to travel stress-free with a campervan

Spaceships campervan hire Australia offers a lot more than just a great campervan to explore Australia. We have removed all the stress from travelling as we don't have any hidden fees, no one-way fees and more awesome ways to travel stress-free. Check it out.

No matter which Spaceships campervan you choose, they all come with our promise of stress-free travel. See how its' done.

1. Zero one-way fees

It doesn't matter where you pick up your Spaceships campervan; you can return it at another Spaceships depot, and we won't charge you extra for it. We only have one low rate and no added extra fees. Check out your one-way campervan hire options. No hidden means, so also no one-way fees. It's that easy.

2. Unlimited kilometres

There are no limitations to your road trip. You can drive as many kilometres with your Spaceships campervan as you want. All our Australia campervans come with unlimited mileage. Where will you go on your next road trip?

3. No hidden fees

Our supercomputer booking engine knows all rates and discounts. Simply enter your travel dates and pick-up & drop-off locations and it'll give you the best available price. Guaranteed. There are no hidden fees. The total price you see is the price you'll pay. No nasty surprises at pick-up, there are no hidden fees at all.

4. Free after-hours service

No need to hurry as we offer a free after-hours service. Check out where and how you can book this free after-hours pickup and drop-off service. Campervan hire made easy. Stress-free travel.

5. Travel stress-free with a range of insurance options

We offer several insurance options for complete peace of mind so you can travel stress-free. Choose from Standard insurance to Stress-Free cover insurance. Check out all insurance details and see how it reduces your bond/excess as well. Anything can happen on a long road trip in Australia as our roads are different from the ones in your home country. Be prepared for the unexpected and make sure to select the insurance option that is best for you.

As a rule of thumb: if you can't afford to pay the excess in case of damages, select All-Inclusive insurance as that's the only insurance option with $0 excess and $0 bond. It is the best option as it will give you complete peace of mind. Then you can really travel stress-free.

6. Optional accessories for hire

Spaceships are customised campervans. They drive like a regular car but are packed with campervan features. All sleeping & cooking gear is included and you can add various optional accessories to make your road trip even more comfy and easy. See our range of optional accessories for hire. You can customise your campervan road trip even more.

7. Paperless & digital services

All processes at Spaceships Rentals Australia are fully digital, from the booking process to the check-in followed by picking up the campervan at our depot. You will receive updates via email and can manage your booking online. It's easy and secure. You, our valued Space Traveller, are in control. And the best part is that you will always get the lowest available rate when you book online on the official Spaceships website (this one). And can manage your booking at any time of the day. Power to you.

8. Contactless & COVID-Safe pick-up process

As a COVID Clean Business, we clean our vehicles to the highest standard. And the same goes for the maintenance of the vehicles. Our mechanics treat each vehicle as a prized possession and service it to the highest standards. The pick-up and drop-off processes at all depots in Australia are contactless to minimise contact between staff and customers, keeping everyone safe. Pick-up instructions will be emailed a day before your scheduled day of pick-up.

9. Extensive & easy-to-use show around tools

Spaceships campervans are versatile yet easy to use. Our How To Use Your Campervan videos show you exactly how to use the features of each campervan category, And it shows you some info about tips & small maintenance to keep the vehicle in tip-top condition on long road trips in Australia. For example, how to change a flat tyre or how to check the oil level of your campervan.

10. Road trip & travel tips: travel blog & camping app

Our travel blog is packed with info about camping in Australia (how to find awesome spots to camp at), suggested itineraries and more. That info is perfect for preparing for your road trip. And now we have even more info for you. Info that you can use wherever you are, even on your road trip in Australia. Check out our travel blog.

The brand new, free  Spaceships camping app for Android and Apple smartphones will show you where to find all free and budget campsites in Australia. It's the easiest way to get around and do and see more in Australia. It also shows you what to do and see in the area of the campsites. As fellow travellers constantly update the info the app is always up to date. You can also add photos, reviews and comments. Together we'll make it the best camping app ever.