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Add accessories to your booking

Camping in Australia is a great way to see the real Australia. Our most popular accessories are listed below. These accessories can be hired from us at the below prices. As we have a wide range of accessories for your campervan road trip, the most popular ones are listed on our booking site and can be added when you book your Spaceships campervan.

The full list of accessories has been added to the Online Check-in Portal and can be added when you check-in online. As the check-in process is a flexible process you can always come back to add or remove accessories, as long as it's all finalised the day before your scheduled day of pick-up.

Check out the list below for more info about the range of accessories we have on offer.

Table & Chairs Combo ($60) - you'll save $15)

Fancy dinner under the stars? Our Table & Chairs Combo (1x camping table + 2x camping chairs) gives you this option. This is our most popular accessory and at only $60 to hire, you save $15. There is also the option to hire one chair ($20) or one table ($35) on its own if you wish.

Sizzling Summer Pack ($75) - you'll save $10

The summer pack includes the Table & Chairs Combo along with a Solar Shower, perfect for those warm summer days. At only $75 to hire this offers a saving of $10.

GPS at $5 per day (with a maximum of $100 per hire)

Hire a GPS to navigate your way around this glorious country. Forget the hassle of maps and let this accessory lead the way. $5 per day or $100 maximum for any hire, so super cost-effective on a long road trip.

Extension Cord with Campsite Plug ($40)

Are you travelling with a laptop, mobile phone, iPod, hair-dryer..? Then you need this extension cord to keep your gadgets powered up. These are quality extension cables that can be used at power campsites along the way. Only $40 each to hire.

Solar Shower ($25)

The solar shower (hire it separately or as part of the Summer Pack) is a lightweight bag made from non-toxic PVC. It can contain 20 litres of water. Fill it up and leave the bag in direct sunlight. The special material of the bag heats up the water. Hang the solar shower on the branch of a tree or on the tailgate of your Spaceship. Release the water and it's shower time. Easy as.

Only $25 to hire, or hire a Sizzling Summer Pack for better value for money as that pack also includes a camping table and two camping chairs.

Solar shower for campervan road trip

Easy to use portable shower: powered by the sun. Refreshing start of the day.

Tent ($60)

If you decide to have extra people in your Spaceship (it seats 4 when driving and sleeps 2 comfortably), or would just like some more personal space, then a tent is a great option. Add to your rental for only $60.

Baby seat or child booster seat ($50)

Australia is a great country to travel with kids. There are many beautiful beaches, playgrounds, theme parks and kid-friendly activities to do.

A Spaceship is the perfect vehicle for children. One Child can fit comfortably in the back. Try out the game "Spaceship Spotting" where the whole family has to be on the lookout for Spaceships and the person who sees the most (they all have different names) wins!

  • Baby Seat (8-15kg)*
  • Child Booster Seat (14-26kg)*

*Subject to availability. Please contact us prior to your rental to ensure we have the correct seat for your child.