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Our promises: a great #SpaceshipsRoadTrip

Are you ready to explore the outer space of Australia? Awesome. Let's get you ready for blast off in a Spaceship. We're all about good vibes and great times. And because we're not just a campervan rental company, but road trip enthusiasts just like you, we understand the uncertainty that can come with planning an adventure. Life can be as unpredictable as a squirrel on a skateboard, right?

  • Free Change of Mind Cancellation when cancelled within 7 days of making the booking.
  • Missed the free cancellation window and want to cancel? See our cancellation policy. The cancellation fee can be used as credit for a future Spaceships booking (valid for 2 years). However if you just want to make changes to your booking, then no worries...
  • You can always change your travel dates for free before the scheduled day of pick-up!
  • Best Price Guaranteed! Think you've found a better deal elsewhere? See how to send in a Price Match Request!

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Contactless (zero-contact) pick-ups & drop-offs for the safety of all customers and staff

Please note: if you have booked via a travel agent their cancellation terms & fees will apply.


free cancellation

Free to change booking before the scheduled day of pick-up (as often as needed). Extra flexibility so you can book with confidence.

no hidden fees v2

No hidden fees: unlimited kilometres, cooking & sleeping gear & extra driver are all included. The price you see is the price you'll pay,

no fee

No fee for young drivers. Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence can hire & drive a Spaceships campervan.

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Picture this: you've meticulously mapped out your great expedition, but suddenly a wild detour appears: an unexpected work call, a surprise concert ticket, or the pursuit of the legendary quadruple-decker sandwich. Some sandwiches are worth it, we get it!

And guess what? Just like power-ups in a video game, we also have extra perks! We offer a free change of mind cancellation within 7 days of your booking. That's right, you can cancel your plans faster than you can say "warp speed" with ZERO cancellation fee, as long as you cancel within 7 days of making the booking.

Here's the cherry on top: If your plans wobble but you're still craving adventure, you can ALWAYS change your travel dates for free before the scheduled day of pick-up. That's right, we said FEE. No penalties, no hidden costs. It's like getting an extra life in a video game, just when you need it!

If that doesn't work for you and you do want to cancel your booking, our cancellation policy is simple. And any cancellation fee that might apply can be used as credit for a future Spaceships booking (valid for 2 years).

At Spaceships Rentals, we believe in making your travels as stress-free as a hammock in a quiet forest. We're not just renting campervans, we're giving you freedom, flexibility, and fun. So go ahead, book with us today and see where the road takes you!

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Awarded by the Australian Tourism Industry Council to Spaceships

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Spaceships is a recognised and well-known brand.

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Advantages of Spaceships campervans

Booking a Spaceships campervan means that all this is included (no hidden fees at all):

  • Add additional driver(s) for free
  • One-way travel: drop off at another depot at no extra charge.
  • Free after-hours service. You can pick up and drop off 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Updating a booking before the day of pick-up is free of charge (subject to availability)
  • We check & clean your campervan thoroughly before it goes out onto the road!

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How our Travel Promises offer all the flexibility you need to book with confidence

While a lot of companies recently started shouting “book with confidence” from the rooftops, it isn’t a new concept for us at Spaceships. Flexibility has always been part of our promises. So, let’s dig deeper into that and show you and the rest of the world what we mean when we say “book with confidence”.

Our Book with Confidence promise

Fact #1. You can always change the travel dates or pick-up & drop-off location(s) of your booking for free. We don’t charge a fee to make a change like that. It doesn’t matter how many times you want to change the travel dates of your Spaceships booking, it is always free. It is just subject to availability.

This part of our book with confidence promise means that whatever happens, you can always set a future date on your booking and change it again for free if you won’t make it on the new date either.

Fact #2. We offer Free Change of Mind Cancellation when cancelled within 7 days of making the booking.

Fact #3. Even if you missed the free cancellation window you can still cancel. Any cancellation fee that applies can be used as credit for a future Spaceships booking (valid for 2 years). That way you won't lose your money when you decide to cancel.

Fact #4. All our processes - from pick up to drop off - are fully contactless, unmanned and digital for the safety of all customers and staff. Spaceships Australia also has been awarded the COVID Clean Business certificate.

Book a campervan with confidence

Our Book with Confidence Travel Promise applies to all Spaceships vehicles. It doesn’t matter what you book, you can always book with confidence, as long as you book online on the one and only official Spaceships Australia booking website.

If you decide to book via a third party, for example, a travel agent, their terms & conditions will apply. We do not have any control over that. We can only make these super-flexible promises and terms & conditions available to direct customers. As we promise you the best price available, there are heaps of reasons to book direct.