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How to go camping with a baby in Australia

Travelling with a kid isn’t that different from travelling as a couple. Even though your little ray of sunshine has changed (enriched) your life, it doesn’t need to change your travelling life. We’ll show you how easy it is to go camping with a baby in Australia and how others have done it.

Campervan hire with a baby

At Spaceships, we love to make your road trip as easy as possible, whether travelling with or without a kid. Everyone can drive our vehicles as they are like a good car to drive, but with all the nifty features of a campervan.

And for (young) parents it’s good to know that both the Beta (standard) and the Beta 4-berth (rooftop tent) campervans in Australia have the option of using a child seat in a safe and secure way. Either bring your own child seat or hire a child/booster seat from us.

Beta campervan camping with a baby

It's easy to fit a child seat or booster seat in the Beta campervan (hire one from us or bring your own)

The rear seating system of these two types of campervans has anchor points installed for child seats. There are two child seat options available for hire with your camper from Spaceships.

  • Child car seat (infants between 8 and 15kg)
  • Booster seat (kids between 14 and 26kg)

Both the child seat and the booster seat can be hired for $50 as an optional accessory. Please make sure to pre-book these seats. Either add it to your online booking or contact us after making a booking.

Please be aware that only one child seat can be fitted in our campervans. We can help fit the seat but the responsibility of fitting the seat correctly is with the parents or person hiring the vehicle.

Tips for camping with a baby

The best road trip starts with the preparation, just like your previous (road) trips. It all comes down to the following:

  • Did you pack all the items you’ll need on your Australian adventure? If not, no worries as Australia is a modern country. You can buy everything you’re used to back home. Well, except when you’re in a remote area of course. But with Spaceships, your road trip will start in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Cairns anyway. You can buy everything you forgot to bring in the area of our depots.
  • Know where you are going. Your Spaceships campervan comes with heaps included… Also, items like a free travel app packed with info about campgrounds and things to see & do. Download the apps for free (Android & Apple) before you start your trip and use ‘em to plan the perfect road trip.
  • Take it easy. Make sure to stop often to stretch your legs, to have a drink or snack and to relax. Now that you’re travelling and camping with a baby or infant you’ll need to take breaks more often. The little one needs to experience Australia and he/she loves to play in the open air instead of sitting in the car all the time. Have a picnic, short walk or simply relax. Drive shorter distances, enjoy the ride more and see more of Australia.
    More specific tips about travelling through Australia with a kid can be found in this blog post “Camping with babies – how do you do it?” by Jill from the Trip Around OZ.

What customers say about their road trip with a kid

Travel blogger Deborah (Ardent Traveler) travelled in a Spaceships campervan with her baby son.

In the blog post “30-Day New Zealand Road trip In A Spaceship” she says: “Stormtrooper [Spaceships campervan] came fitted with a baby seat, upon request and a small additional charge. It was snug, easy to clean and very secure. Additionally, the MPV had many compartments for diapers and other baby gear and curtains to block the sun out when Seth was having his morning and afternoon naps."

"The spacious luggage storage at the back of the vehicle was also big enough for us to put away a medium-size trolley bag, a 60-litre backpack and other baby paraphernalia, and still had extra space for at least one more bag.”

Why wait?

As you can see, travelling and camping with a baby is easy. Don’t miss out on the amazing things Australia has to offer. Start planning your road trip… Even though your baby or infant might not remember the trip, it is the best way to create future travellers and world citizens. Get them started young!

And if you want to combine your travels with a road trip in New Zealand, our Kiwi mates also have great info about camping with a baby in New Zealand. Plus, you’ll get an extra discount as a Spaceships Australia customer.