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Recommended camping apps for Australia

Ready to start your adventure in Australia? Got your campervan booked? Awesome. Now it's time to decide where to go and what to do. Start by downloading one of the travel & camping apps for your smartphone. It's easy and you'll have access to the latest info.

Free camping apps for Android and Apple

Want to be able to find all free and budget campsites in Australia? Download these free apps now.

It's free for every traveller... Even if you're not travelling in a Spaceships campervan. Although with deals like this, there's no reason to go for another campervan brand. With this app, you'll add our years of experience in roadtripping to your smartphone.

  • Campsites info: free and low-cost campgrounds
  • Accommodation in the area
  • Special deals near you
  • Sightseeing info: what to do and see
  • Petrol stations
  • WiFi hotspots
  • ... And more, much more

All info is location-based. You'll only see the info category you select and only the info that's in the area you're travelling in. Now you know exactly where to camp and how to get there.

Camping apps to get the most out of your road trip

Australia is a big country. There's heaps to see and do. With the free campiing apps, you have access to info that was created by fellow travellers. And it's being updated all the time. As soon as you have the free travel & camping app on your smartphone you can start contributing. Adding photos or reviews of campgrounds is easy and helps other travellers.

With the app, you don't need to wonder if there's a free or low-cost campsite around. You won't miss any deals. And you'll know exactly what there is to do around you. It's like having a Spaceships crew member in the vehicle with you. Except (s)he isn't changing your radio stations all the time. :) Easy as.

Use these free travel & camping app and start planning your Australian road trip.

Message from Space Control about the Spaceships App

Greetings, Intergalactic Travelers! Blast off! On the stardate of 30 September 2023, the trusty Spaceships Camping App will embark on its final voyage and wave goodbye to the Google Play Store and the iOS Starport. During this transition, our cosmic updates will halt, and we urge all astronauts to jettison the app. For a seamless space journey, consider warping over to CamperMate (available for both Android and Apple).

Did you know? Our Spaceships App and CamperMate were always part of the same star cluster, sharing a cosmic database. That's what made our interstellar adventures so epic! But remember, the universe is always expanding and evolving, and so are we.

Fear not, stargazers! CamperMate will persist in its mission, guiding all Space Travellers to the best free & budget campgrounds across Australia's celestial landscapes. Safe travels!

Plan your trip with free camping apps from Spaceships

Plan your trip with the recommended & free camping apps