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Guide for exploring the outer space of Australia

Captain's Log, Stardate 41066.6. You are about to explore that continent called Australia. The Spaceships crew and fellow Space Travellers have created this guidebook to prepare you for your #spaceshipsroadtrip in Australia. Earthlings will probably call this a travel blog packed with travel tips and road trip inspiration for your adventure in Australia. Whatever you'll call it, it'll inspire you to create an amazing trip and to see more of Australia. Enjoy.


Free Guide to Explore the Outer Space of Australia

Have you booked your flight to Australia? Awesome. Then it is time to start planning your road trip. What to do and see is always the first question travellers ask. Australia is an enormous and amazing country so you don't want to miss out on any of the famous highlights. But you also want to discover as many hidden gems as possible. The stuff that not many travel guides mention.

All these questions and wishes will be fulfilled by our travel blog. The Spaceships Crew and our trusted Space Travellers know this country like no other. We have downloaded all their road trip tips, suggested itineraries and camping secrets and have created interesting articles that are packed with tips. Start browsing our travel blog, our free guide to explore Austalia and you'll see why at Spaceships, we like to say are you ready to explore the outer space of Australia.

Get ready for blast off, your Aussie adventure is about to begin!

Travel tips for Australia: everything you need to know for an amazing trip

Preparation for awesomeness is key. Whether it's your first trip to Australia or you're a seasoned traveller, every traveller will benefit from our travel; tips for Australia. Our travel blog is packed to the brim. What would you like to know?

The best preparation for Australia

Before you dive into the Australian waves or dance with the kangaroos, here are some nifty essentials to toss in your backpack. What to pack for Australia is simpler than most travellers think. Your Spaceships campervan comes with cooking & sleeping gear included, so you'll only need to stock up on groceries when you have picked up your Spaceship. Our depots are spread out over Australia and each one has supermarkets, stores and petrol stations nearby.

Also, because Australia is a civilised Western country it doesn't really matter if you forget to bring something, It can always be bought in a store or supermarket over here. So no need to stress out over ticking off a massive packing list. Just bring your fave clothes, laters are always best.

And preparing for your road trip is just as easy. In Australia, people drive on the left side of the road, which is something you'll easily get used to. Spaceships campervans are equipped with an automatic gearbox so there's no gear shifting to do. Your Spaceship will take care of that. Easy as.

Where to camp in Australia?

Australia is probably one of the best roadtripping countries in the world. Well, it is definitely one with the best weather year-round. Embrace the wilderness! Australian landscapes offer some of the most beautiful campgrounds in the world. Ready for a starry night?

Our travel blog has heaps of articles about amazing campsites throughout Australia and how to find them. We'll point you to amazing places to spend the night and how to get there. No need to remember it all as there are some handy free apps to help you with that.

Itinerary ideas & suggested routes

That's what the road trip is all about. It isn't about the destination but always about the journey. You want more than just going from A to B, you want to see the fun route, what to do & see and where to stop. The itinerary section of our Australian travel blog is packed with travel tips like that. It covers so many routes and in so many different ways, you will definitely get a massive travel inspiration boost.

Driving through Australia is like flipping through a picture book - every turn is a breathtaking image. Of course, there is a road trip route like the famous Great Ocean Road, but also how to really explore the East Coast of Australia or how to get off the beaten path and head inland.

Events & Festivals: dance, celebrate, repeat! Fancy a fiesta?

If you thought that it was just about amazing sceneries and wildlife in Australia, then think again. Australia's event and festival scene is just as diverse as its landscapes. Even though a dance or rock festival probably isn't the main reason for travelling to Australia, you might as well visit one that is to your liking if you are in the area. Time to mark your calendar!

Our blog packed with travel tips for Australia also touches on amazing festivals in Australia. From the Byron Bay Bluesfest to  Splendour in the Grass and Strawberry fields. And don't forget about sporting events. How about the Formula One in Melbourne or Bathurst 1000 Supercars in New South Wales... Or the WRC Rally of Australia. Our travel blog has the latest info about these festivals and sporting events for you.