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How to find the best price for campervan hire in Australia via our Lowest Price Promise

When going on a road trip in Australia, you want to make sure to get the cheapest campervan hire or the best campervan deal. At Spaceships, we have made it super easy for you. Our supercomputer booking system will show you all the prices, discounts and availability for all Spaceships campervans in Australia. You will always get the lowest price that is available on your travel dates -with any discount that is available applied automatically so no worries about finding a special deal or promo code. We'll always apply discount deals automatically so you're getting the lowest price and thus cheapest campervan hire available. Guaranteed! 

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Get a quote - let our system email it to you - and lock the price!

You will also see info about availability and by selecting different dates you can easily find the cheapest time of the year to explore the outer space of Australia. Make sure to get an online quote and send it to yourself via the email option as that will lock the price. That will give you a few days to think about it and when you are ready to book that sweet low price will be waiting for you - as long as you didn't let the quote expire. Availability isn't guaranteed or locked in as that info is dynamic. What you see now is the latest availability info but that could change in a few days when you want to turn your quote into a booking. At that moment, the availability will be rechecked.

Sounds complicated? Nah not at all!

  1. The price you see is the price you'll pay
  2. The availability you see is what it is at that moment
  3. Send the online quote via email to your inbox and that price is locked for a specific amount of days (see the quote email for details) but the availability will be rechecked once you are ready to turn your campervan quote into a booking.

Power to you! You have the power to find the lowest price

Our super-intelligent yet easy-to-use booking system was created to make your life easier. Just select your pick-up and drop-off location and your travel dates, then click the 'compare' button and the magic will happen. The system will then show you:

  • The lowest price for each campervan on the chosen date/route combo
  • If discounts are available they have been applied automatically. You'll see the before and after price, too easy.
  • The availability of each campervan category
    • Available. Guaranteed! (green bar) means that we have plenty of campervans available. When you make the booking you'll get an immediate confirmation and all systems are go.
    • Likely to sell out (orange bar) means that the specific campervan category is getting close to being sold out on that particular date/route combo. There are a few vehicles left so you better send in your booking request so our crew can manually check availability to see if they can turn your booking request into a booking. You don't have to pay anything when sending in a booking request so it's risk free. When we can turn your request into a booking the deposit of 20% is payable (the remaining 80% can be paid later).
    • Fully booked (grey bar) means sold out. That vehicle category is unfortunately already sold out on the selected date/route combo.

It is that easy to find the cheapest campervan in Australia. At Spaceships, there are no gimmicks and no hidden fees. The price you see on your screen is the price you'll pay. Also, there are no fees for young drivers, so everyone pays the same low price they see via our mighty booking system. And there are no hidden deals, it always shows you the lowest price that is available, with any disocunt applied automatically.

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Book Direct to Get the Lowest Price & Best Terms. Guaranteed!

Booking your Spaceships campervan directly via the official Spaceships Australia website - that's this one - guarantees booking at the best price and terms. We guarantee it is the lowest possible rate at that moment. Our super-advanced booking system will give you the lowest available price based on your travel dates & route combo. Plus, when you book with us our Terms & Conditions apply.

  • Free Change of Mind Cancellation when cancelled within 7 days of making the booking.
  • Did you miss the free cancellation window and want to cancel? See our cancellation policy. The cancellation fee can be used as credit for a future Spaceships booking (valid for 2 years). However if you just want to make changes to your booking, then no worries...
  • You can always change your travel dates for free before the scheduled day of pick-up!

When you book via a travel agent you will enter into a contract with them, which means that their terms & conditions will apply, these may be a lot stricter and less flexible than ours.

Also, our Travel Promises show you how we guarantee that every #SpaceshipsRoadTrip will be a great road trip!

About that lowest price that we promised you. If you happen to find a lower daily price for the same Spaceships campervan on the same date & route combo within 7 days after you made your Spaceships booking, you can request a Price Match. Contact us to claim it!

Rules of the Lowest Price Promise & Price Match

  • The Lowest Price Promise only applies to bookings made on the Spaceships Australia website
  • A price match can only be requested within 7 days of receiving the Spaceships booking confirmation. If your booking starts within 7 days from the booking confirmation date, a price match request can be made up to 1 day before the start date of your booking. You can't request a price match when your trip has started (any day on or after the first day of your travel dates) nor after your trip (any date after the last day of your travel dates).
  • We can only price match a lower price for a vehicle that is available and bookable.
  • Errors or outdated information on third-party websites, like price comparison sites, travel agent's websites or external booking sites, are excluded from our Price Match Guarantee. The vehicle and the price offered somewhere else must be available and bookable.
  • Vehicle specifications, travel dates and pick-up/drop-off location need to be the same as on your booking confirmation
  • Proof of finding a lower price needs to be supplied (screenshot or photo), showing the following information:
    • Name of the travel agency or website
    • Date when the lower price was found
    • Price in AU$ and specifications of the Spaceships campervan
    • Travel dates & pick-up/drop-off locations

Think you found a lower price when you booked your Spaceships campervan (and you match the above-mentioned rules)? 
Contact us to claim a price adjustment for your booking. Make sure to include your booking reference and the info mentioned above.

Do you price match a competitor's quote?

Although our lowest price guarantee is to make sure you book your Spaceships campervan at the best available price, we do like to convince you why a Spaceships compact campervan is such a great and easy way to explore the outer space of Australia. And we do love a good challenge.

Yes, please send us any competitor's quote (make sure to include the quote and date when the quote was created) and we'll send you a Spaceships offer that will be hard to refuse.

Please note, that we're all about comparing apples to apples, so it'll be difficult to send us a quote for a vehicle we don't have in our fleet. But do send us any quote from an Australian competitor and our Price Match Wizard will do its best.

Request a Price Match

If you would like to request a price match, please use the form below. You can use this form to request any kind of Price Match, whether a request to match a competitor's quote or to request a price match because you have found a lower price for a Spaceships campervan. Please provide details about where you have found the lower price and make sure the vehicle type and travel dates are included as well.

Or to make it even easier, just upload a screenshot or photo of the lower-priced quote or the competitor's quote. Our Price Match Wizard will reply to your request within 36 hours on business days.

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Save money on campervan hire with Spaceships: lowest price guaranteed!

Lowest Price Promise & Price Match Guarantee questions

Do you still have some more questions about finding the cheapest campervan in Australia via our Lowest Price Promise and Price Match System? No worries, we're happy to answer them all. The short version is that you will always get the best deal when booking your Spaceships campervan at the official Spaceships website. Our advanced booking system has the most up-to-date info about prices and availability of our campervans.

It uses the same data as our Crew, so you have all the power to get the lowest price and best deal on campervan hire in Australia. We're happy to help and to answer questions but we're also stoked that our systems give you EXACT the same data and prices. Power to our Space Travellers, that's you.

Why are you offering the Lowest Price or Price Match?

To make your life easier. You don't need to search through external booking sites or travel agent sites for deals, promotions or discounts on campervan hire in Australia. You'll always find the best price on our website. It's that easy.

Spaceships are the road trip experts in Australia. We know our own fleet better than anyone else and we ALWAYS OFFER you the lowest price available.

Your campervan is waiting for you at Spaceships

There are more reasons than a low price (guaranteed) to book a Spaceships campervan:

  • No hidden fees. The price you see online is the price you'll pay. No hidden fees... And your Spaceships campervan comes with all cooking & sleeping gear, so no extra fees for that.
  • No fees for one-way trips. The price you see online is the price you'll pay. No extra fees for one-way trips. We like to keep things simple.
  • Only pay a 20% deposit to book a campervan. You don't have to pay the full amount at the time of booking. You can pay the remaining 80% later or at the depot when picking up your campervan.
  • You can pay with a credit card or debit card (online: easy, secure and no card fees) or with cash (at our depot)
  • The same low excess (bond) for all travellers, also 18 to 21-year-olds. Guaranteed. Or go for our $0 excess/bond option.
  • And low rates throughout the year, backed by our Price Match Guarantee.

Pro-tip: Book early to get the best deal and even lower prices.

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