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Pick up a rental campervan from these locations

Planning a road trip in Australia but don't know where to start? No worries. Spaceships Australia has depots in a range of locations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. All campervan hire locations are listed here. And keep in mind the advantages of travelling in a Spaceship: there are no hidden fees.

  • One-way travel is included! We don't charge extra for that.
  • Picking up after-hours is possible at most of our campervan hire locations
  • Unlimited kilometres, sleeping & cooking gear... It's all included. No extra fees here as well.

The price you see is the price you'll pay. That's the Spaceships promise. We like to make your road trip as easy as possible

Spaceships Rentals depots in Australia

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Contactless processes: COVID Clean Certified

To maintain high safety standards for our customers and our staff we will be operating all locations as contactless. We’ll give you all the information you need prior to pick up. We will also continue to keep our vehicles cleaned to the highest standards possible.

All Spaceships depots in Australia have extremely high standards for checking and cleaning our campervans & cars. We are proud to have been awarded the Australian COVID Clean Practising Business label.

Spaceships Australia is COVID Clean Certified

Where will you start your road trip in Australia?

There is so much to do and see in Australia. That is probably the main reason you decided to travel to Australia for an amazing road trip. The country is huge so there is plenty of exploring to do. The great thing about hiring a Spaceships campervan to explore the outer space of Australia is that we have depot locations throughout the country.

And as the Spaceships Universe is an ever-expanding entity, you can expect more depots to pop up in other states of Australia. For now, Spaceships campervan hire is present in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria.

Campervan hire in New South Wales

New South Wales or NSW is home to two of our depots. Your NSW road trip can start in Sydney. As we don't have an extra fee for one-way trips, it is easy and affordable to pick up your hire campervan at one depot and drop it off at the other one. Cross the state border for an even longer road trip and drop it off at any of the other Spaceships depots in Australia.

As long as you drop it off at the scheduled drop-off depot. You can create your own Aussie road trip via our easy-to-use booking system. Just select your pick-up & drop-off locations and your travel dates and make it happen. The system will always give you the lowest possible rate for your travel dates.

Blast off from our Sydney launchpads (depots) and enjoy an unlimited road trip in Australia with Spaceships.

Hire a campervan in Queensland

Winterless Queensland is the tropical state where you will find three Spaceships depots, in Airlie Beach, Brisbane, and Cairns. Three amazing places to start your Queensland road trip... Or finish it. With unlimited kilometres and no fee for one-way trips, Spaceships Rentals is the easiest and most affordable way to see heaps in Australia.

Pick up your hire campervan in Cairns and go for an amazing coastal road trip via Airlie Beach to Brisbane and experience everything in between. Must-see attractions in Queensland are of course Great Barrier Reef (and Whitsundays in the heart of Great Barrier Reef), Fraser Island, Tangalooma Wrecks, and lots more.

A road trip in Queensland will be an unforgettable experience. These memories will last you a lifetime.

Tasmania campervan hire

In comparison to the rest of Australia, Tasmania looks so small. But make no mistake, this island is bigger than most expect and there is lots more to do and see. The best way to explore Tasmania is by campervan. Take your Spaceships campervan on the ferry (yes that is allowed, no worries) or fly in and pick up your campervan in Hobart from the Spaceships depot there.

As all cooking & sleeping gear is included with every Spaceships campervan, you can travel light. Just bring some clothes and you are good to go. Stock up on produce and groceries at a nearby store and you are good to go. Ready to explore Tasmania.

Hire a campervan in Melbourne to explore Victoria

Melbourne, another huge and amazing city in Australia. And a city with a Spaceships campervan hire depot, making Melbourne also a great place to start your Aussie road trip. Either explore the whole state of Victoria, do a loop and return your campervan in Melbourne again. Or travel to another state to drop off your campervan at one of the other official Spaceships depots. You make the booking, you select the pick-up and drop-off locations so it is your road trip.

You can even enjoy the city of Melbourne for a few days before or after your road trip. There is never a boring moment in Melbourne. And as soon as you are done with the busy & sometimes hectic citylife you pick up a Spaceships campervan in Melbourne and drive off.

It is that easy to create a custom road trip in Australia. At Spaceships, we are in the business of making travel dreams come through.

Can I pick up a Spaceships campervan in other locations?

Spaceships campervans can only be picked up and dropped off at official Spaceships depots. See the full list of our Australian campervan locations above. We do understand that travellers are also looking at campervan hire in other locations. Occasionally we receive questions like:

  • can I hire a Spaceships campervan in Perth?
  • do you have a depot in Adelaide?
  • is there a pick-up location in Darwin?

Unfortunately not, we don't operate out of these cities. The official Spaceships depot locations are listed above. We don't charge a one-way fee so you can easily pick up a campervan at Spaceships depot #1 and return it at Spaceships depot #2. As long as you have booked it as a one-way trip. Once your road trip has started, the only way to request a booking change is by contacting the Spaceships Crew.