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How to use the rear awning (video)

The rear awning comes free with most of the Spaceships in Australia. It's a tent-like construction that will cover the back of the vehicle. It's the second sleeping option of your Spaceship: partially extended outward. It's a great solution on those warm Australian nights to get some extra ventilation or airflow.

Setting up the rear awning is super easy. Simply pull out the extension bars at the back of the vehicle. The same bars you use to create the cooking area at the back. Put the board and the mattress on the bars and set up the rear awning as shown in the video below.

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See how easy it is to use the rear awning of your Spaceship

More ventilation on warm Aussie nights

The rear awning will give you the feel of sleeping in a tent, while you're still safe and secure inside your campervan. The bed has just been extended outward a bit, so it'll feel like your campervan just got bigger.

Please note that not all Spaceships in Australia have the rear awning included. But all Spaceships do come with all sleeping & cooking gear included. Please compare the features of each campervan category to see what's included with yours. Each campervan category has different features.

Please be aware that the rear awning isn't waterproof therefore we don't recommend using it during heavy rain. If the rear awning is wet in the morning, please let it dry on the ground for a few minutes before packing it up again.

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Rear awning is
included for free

The rear awning is one of the many things that are included for free at Spaceships.

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