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Dedicated booking solutions for travel agents

Travel agents, we have several easy to use booking solutions available for you. These booking systems will give you access to all booking data, vehicle specifications, availability of each campervan category and more, much more. Our travel agent booking system is just as easy to use as the booking system for direct customers, but have created the travel agent booking system just for you guys, so there is some extra info to be found there.

Use travel agent booking portal now

Don't have log-in details for our travel agent booking portal yet? Contact us to get access.

Collateral to help you sell

As a travel agent, you can also use all information and data on this marketing website, but we also have an image library for you to use. These images can be used by travel agents in flyers, brochures, posters or on your agency website. Anything you need to be able to sell more Spaceships campervan.

Compare and find the best campervan for your clients

Have a look at the campervans we offer in Australia. Compare the specifications & features via the compare tool below. Or go to our agent booking site, where you can also compare our campervan offering.

Go to agent comparison & booking site

Beta Standard Campervan



View all Specifications & Features

Beta 2S Premium Campervan



View all Specifications & Features

4-berth Family Campervan



View all Specifications & Features

Even more data and tools for travel agents

But there is even more for you, dear travel agent. We have more tools to make it easier for you to book a Spaceships campervan for your clients.

  • Agent booking site (explained above as well)
  • Access to data via API - perfect for agents that want to integrate the Spaceships Australia offering into their own booking site.
  • Price files to download from our FTP location, in case you don't want to query the API every time.
  • And... anything else you need to make it easier to sell a #spaceshipsroadtrip to your clients

As you can see, the Spaceships Australia team is always happy to help our partners and travel agents.

How to add Spaceships campervans to your product range

Whether you are an independent travel agent or part of a big travel agency, it is easy to add Spaceships campervans to your portfolio. It all starts by contacting us.

Contact us now

Our Travel Agent Sales Specialist willl be in touch as soon as possible.

Why travellers love their #spaceshipsroadtrip

  • We'll take care of Space Travellers (your clients)
  • A no worries, no hassle road trip as Spaceships come with more included for free
  • No hidden fees and no fee for one-way trips
  • Well-maintained campervans that are easy to drive (automatic transmission)