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12 October, 2023 - Updated Last updated on
13 October, 2023

Posted by Spaceships Crew

For those who are in the know, there really is nowhere quite like Australia. From Queensland’s glamorous Gold Coast to the mysterious Australian Outback, this incredible land down under is a true marvel, one with many mysteries of its own. Some of the sights are seriously surreal. But we guess you’d have to see it to believe it. Here are 6 mind-blowing beautiful sights in Australia you just have to see for yourself!

Get ready, select your Spaceships campervan and hit the road to see these amazing, must-see sights in Australia. The photos and videos below are impressive, but nothing beats the real deal. IRL all the way.

1. Lake Hillier (Pink Lake), Middle Island

Lake Hillier in the Recherche Archipelago is proof that candyfloss pink is Mother Nature’s alternative colour choice when it comes to creating bodies of water. Located on the largest island of the archipelago, Middle Island, this saline lake is bright pink in colour. A bright colour that no one can explain. However, scientists think that the beautiful colour comes from bacteria that live in the salt crusts. The pink pigment makes Lake Hillier completely unique.

How to get there: The best way to view Lake Hillier is from the air. Or go for a Pink Lake Buggy Tour.
Pink Lake near Esperance is another pink lake just 7 km from Esperance. That lake turns a soft shade of pink when the weather conditions are right. (more info)

Lake Hillier (Pink Lake) by Stefan Fischer

Lake Hillier (Pink Lake) by Stefan Fischer | Flickr

2. Uluru, Red Centre Desert

This huge sandstone rock is one of the most iconic natural landmarks of the Australian Outback and it looks beautiful at any time of day. Get there early for a spectacular sunrise, capture stunning photos in the bright light of day, catch the pink/orange hues at sunset, or camp out to see the rock glow elegantly under the stars.

Getting there: Uluru is 450 kilometres away from Alice Springs. It'll take you about 4.5 hours by car to get there from Alice Springs. (more info)

Ayers Rock at Sunset by Pete Edgeler

Ayers Rock at Sunset by Pete Edgeler | Flickr

3. Great Barrier Reef

You’re probably not surprised that the Great Barrier Reef has made it onto this list. But before you even consider the notion – no, it’s definitely not been overhyped. There really is no other coral reef collection quite like it. The diversity of the Great Barrier Reef’s marine life is simply out of this world, and it is so vast that it is the only living thing on Earth that can be seen from space!

How to get there: Take a domestic flight and fly onto Hamilton Island or into Proserpine (on the Whitsunday Coast) or Townsville airports on the mainland. (more info)

Great Barrier Reef from above by Tchami

Great Barrier Reef from above by Tchami | Flickr

4. Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park

The Piccaninnie Ponds is a dark horse when it comes to beauty; secreted under what seems like a dull, dreary surface is an entire world just waiting to be explored. Within the ordinary-looking swamplands, you’ll unearth something so beautiful that words can’t even describe it. The waters are crystal clear due to it being filtered through the limestone; it’s definitely the most amazing freshwater dive you’ll ever experience.

Getting there: Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park is located 32km south-east of Mount Gambier or 482km south-east of Adelaide. Access is via Piccaninnie Ponds Road. (more info)

Cave diving at Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park by mark_whatmough

Cave diving at Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park by mark_whatmough | Flickr]

5. Cleft Island (Skull Rock)

Few people have ever set foot on Cleft Island, which is surprising when it looks so enticing. From certain angles it looks like a man-made skull and from other angles, it looks like an egg with the middle bit scooped out. But as there’s nowhere to land onshore and the cliff sides are at least a 50-metre drop, it’s probably best admired from a distance.

How to get there: see it all on a cruise

Cleft Island (Skull Rock) by JMC03

Cleft Island (Skull Rock) by JMC03 | Flickr

6. Magnetic Hill, Peterborough

We all know that toilets flush the opposite way around in Oz. But did you know that cars roll the wrong way up the hill here too? It seems implausible but at if you leave your handbrake off at Magnetic Hill in Peterborough, near Orroroo (South Australia), your car will roll – just not the way you expect. This is an optical illusion created by the bizarre layout of the surrounding landscapes. Watch the YouTube videos if you think we’re yanking your chain. But we guess you really do have to see it believe it.

Getting there: Orroroo is located 280 km from Adelaide.


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