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13 March, 2018 - Updated Last updated on
13 May, 2023

Posted by Karolien | Spaceships Intern

A month ago, I embarked on an internship at Spaceships, a company that specializes in providing unique campervan experiences. To truly immerse myself in the company culture and understand its products, I was offered the opportunity to test drive a Spaceships campervan. As an avid adventurer, I seized the opportunity and set my sights on a road trip to the stunning Blue Mountains National Park.

The journey turned out to be an exhilarating adventure! My housemate joined in, capturing breathtaking photographs throughout our three-day excursion into the wilderness. We travelled in a spectacularly adventurous campervan, fondly named 'Marvin' which we picked up at the Spaceships depot in Sydney.

Navigating a Spaceship for the First Time

The first challenge was mastering the art of driving the Spaceship. Essentially, it was like manoeuvring a compact, mobile home. The Spaceship was equipped with all the essentials needed for a camping trip. As a native of Holland, where we drive on the right side of the road, this was an intriguing experience. Fortunately, the campervan handled like a regular car and featured an automatic transmission, simplifying the process immensely.

Ready for blast-off! Ready to explore Blue Mountains National Park

Ready for blast-off! Ready to explore Blue Mountains National Park

Journeying to Blue Mountains National Park

Reaching the Blue Mountains was a breeze, thanks to a detailed guidebook provided within our Spaceship. This invaluable resource outlined the location of various campsites, identifying which were free and which required a nominal fee.

Due to heavy traffic, we arrived late in Katoomba, the main town in Blue Mountains National Park. However, this posed no issue for us as our campervan doubled as a sleeping quarter. We found a parking spot and enjoyed a movie before drifting off to sleep.

Awe-Inspiring Views at Dawn

Upon awakening, we were greeted by a surprise. We had unknowingly parked our Spaceship at a vantage point overlooking the Three Sisters. The mesmerizing mountainous beauty was awe-inspiring and marked the perfect start to our day.

After absorbing the splendid view of the Three Sisters, we headed towards Katoomba falls. We enjoyed a hearty breakfast within our Spaceship, utilizing the in-built mini-fridge and cooking gear. This convenience allowed us to relish a leisurely breakfast without needing to venture out.

Amazing views of Three Sisters in Blue Mountains National Park in Australia | photo: Calvin

Amazing views of Three Sisters in Blue Mountains National Park in Australia | photo: Calvin

Exploring Katoomba Falls

At Katoomba Falls, we parked near the reception before setting off on a hike through the serene mountains. After several invigorating hours, we returned to our Spaceship and journeyed onwards.

For lunch, we savoured a local delicacy - a kangaroo burger. Post lunch, we headed to Katoomba Falls campsite for the night. There, we prepared our own meals using the portable kitchen in our Spaceship and planned our next day's journey to the Royal National Park.

Wattamolla Beach and the Return to Sydney

To round off our incredible mini-trip, we drove to Wattamolla Beach, a quintessential Australian dream beach. After purchasing a ticket, we spent an enjoyable time exploring the beach. As we returned to our Spaceship, it was time to head back to reality.

Fortuitously, the traffic had eased, and we swiftly made our way back to Sydney. Our Spaceship was equipped with a cable to connect our phone or iPod to the radio, allowing us to enjoy our favourite music during the drive.

Planning Your Trip to Blue Mountains National Park

If you're considering a trip to the Blue Mountains National Park, it's essential to plan accordingly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Getting There - Reaching the Blue Mountains National Park by car from Sydney typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. You can opt for the direct route via the M4 motorway, which takes approximately 1.5 hours, or choose the more scenic route through Hawkesbury along the Bells Line of Road, which takes closer to 2 hours. Public transport options are also available; the train from Central Station to Katoomba takes about 2 hours.
  • Accommodation - There are numerous accommodations in and around the park, ranging from campsites and holiday houses to luxury resorts.
  • What to Bring - Pack for variable weather as the temperatures can fluctuate significantly between day and night. Hiking boots are recommended for exploring the park's trails. Don't forget to bring a camera to capture the park's stunning scenery.
  • Sights and Activities - The park offers a range of sights and activities. Be sure to check out the famous Three Sisters rock formation, Katoomba Falls, and the scenic Cableway. Hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, and bird watching are popular activities.
  • Park Regulations -  Remember that the Blue Mountains National Park is a protected area. Stick to designated trails to protect the local flora and fauna. Campfires are generally not permitted, so plan your meals accordingly. Always take your litter with you when you leave.
  • Local Wildlife - The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including kangaroos, wombats, and a variety of bird species. Remember to keep a safe distance from wild animals and never feed them.
  • Food and Supplies - Katoomba, the main town in the Blue Mountains, has supermarkets, restaurants, and shops where you can stock up on food and other supplies.

By planning ahead and respecting the park's regulations, you'll ensure a memorable trip to the Blue Mountains National Park. It's an adventure that offers remarkable views, refreshing hikes, and the chance to reconnect with nature.

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