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30 November, 2023

Posted by Mike | Spaceships Crew

Backpacking in Australia is the ultimate way to enjoy low-cost travel and experience real freedom. It’s a radical idea, but we reckon that backpackers can see more, do more, have less hassle and even spend less when they hire a campervan.

It sounds crazy, but we might just be able to convince you. Here are 7 fantastic reasons why you should consider campervan rental when you are backpacking in Australia.

1. It’s a big world out there

Australia is a big place. In fact it’s massive. It’s over 2,800 kilometres up the East Coast from Melbourne to Cairns. That’s a lot of hitchhiking, a lot of busses, a lot of pitching and packing away tents and a lot of hostels.

And that’s if you just stick to the coast roads. If you want to take a trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains, it’s about 2 hours on a packed train. If you want to see Millaa Milla Falls in the Atherton Tablelands from Cairns it’s another 100 km inland. Easy in a campervan, but you’re going to lose half a day on a bus.

Aerial shot of a remote area of Australia

Explore Australia's outer space to the max. Your campervan will get you to the most beautiful remote places

2. Take your accommodation with you – and live the high life!

When you factor in the cost of all transport, including all those short journeys to a hostel or bus station, a compact campervan hire stacks up. And that’s before you add in the cost of your accommodation. You’ve got to find a hostel, get there and pay for it. Then you may have to split up from your travel buddies in a hostel. With a rented campervan as your transport and accommodation, it’s way easier to get to a campsite and you can even find free places to stay the night.

This also makes your days exploring and travelling longer. When you stop for the day and are ready to turn in for the night – just get into the bed in the back of your campervan. If you’ve chosen a campervan with a rooftop tent, 4 of you can take a backpacker road trip together – all sleeping in your home on wheels while sharing the cost of your campervan hire.

3. Enjoy cheap meals on wheels in your campervan

Your Spaceships campervan has its own camp kitchen in the back. Instead of buying a lot of your food out, you can rustle up tasty meals and a refreshing drink on the road. From coffee and cereals for breakfast, to a classic Vegemite “sango” for lunch, before cooking up some pasta at the end of the day.

Stock up at the store and save heaps on eating out. Keep your leftovers and unused food instead of leaving them in a hostel kitchen.

Delicious road trip tacos are ready - they're sitting on the cooking area of the campervan

Road trip tacos anyone? It's so easy to create a tasty meal when all cooking gear is included!

4. Experience real freedom with a campervan hire

No waiting on the side of the road for a lift. No hanging around at the station for a train or bus. No taxis to the hostel in the evening. With a campervan hire, you have more time and freedom to do what you want. You can go where you want, when you want to. If you want to get off the beaten track or catch up with some mates on the road, just follow Sat Nav. No planning required.

And because you’re wasting less time planning travel and accommodation, you can spend more time getting to the places you really want to visit, and adding more activities and experiences to your trip. You’ll see more and do more in a rented campervan in Australia.

5. No extra kit needed – or to carry

With a Spaceships campervan rental in Australia you won’t need to buy any extra gear. Your road trip kit is provided, and when it’s stowed in the back of your spacious campervan, it’s a lot easier than carrying it everywhere in your backpack.

All bedding and cooking gear is included free of charge. No heavy tent to carry, pitch and pack away. No mat, no sleeping bag to haul around. Just a great night’s sleep on a comfy foam mattress, with sheets, a pillow and a duvet.

Your pots and pans, plates and cutlery are all part of your kit, and you’ve got a camping stove to rustle up your meals on the road.

Space Traveller opening the storage area to get a pan from the cooking gear storage

Spaceships campervans come with cooking & sleeping gear included

6. Travel within a low-cost budget

When you add everything up, a Spaceships Rental is a great low cost way to travel. If there are just 2 of you travelling on your roadtrip, try the budget campervan option. It may be “budget”, but it still has all the kit you need, a comfy double bed and even a fridge! It provides all your transport and accommodation in one package, with other cost saving benefits.

You also get unlimited kilometres with your rental, so you don’t have to worry about an excess kilometre rate. The campervans are custom-converted Toyotas, reliable and fuel efficient. The last thing you want on your once in a lifetime trip around Australia is to buy or rent a dodgy vehicle that breaks down somewhere in the outback miles from anywhere.

With Spaceships, there is no extra cost for one way hires. So you can pick up in one state, but drop off hundreds of kilometres away at another Spaceships Depot, as long as you have booked it in as a one-way trip (you cannot just leave your campervan at a random location). No need to make a return trip to the depot – plan a one way route to see more and do more.

You know the cost of your rental before you start. The price you see online, is the price you will pay. No nasty surprises.

Campervan parked under a tree near the ocean so its Space Travellers can enjoy the scenery

Are you ready to explore Australia's outer space?

7. Less stress with convenience and security on your trip

As well as the convenience of having your home on wheels, it is so easy to hire your Spaceship. As long as you have a valid driving licence and are 18 or older, you can hire & drive a Spaceship. As all Spaceships campervans in Australia are equipped with an automatic gearbox there's no shifting to do. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the view... Well that's for your Co-Pilot, as Captain of your Spaceship you'll need to keep your eyes on the road. All campervans are easy to drive, just like a normal car, so they are also easy to park.

On top of that, we’ll be with you. Well, not like, in the campervan with you, that would be weird...but our customer service team is always there at the end of the phone or ready to reply to your email. With loads of travel and must-see info in our travel blog and the famous 'Camps Australia Wide' book in each campervan as well as free camping apps, there’s a lot more to a Spaceships rental than just the campervan hire.

So what are you waiting for? Hopefully we’ve shown you that you can see more, do more and even spend less on your trip to Australia when you hire a campervan.

If you are ready to discover Australia your way, Just pick your dates and prepare for take-off in your Spaceship!

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