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Mid-Year Madness: 15% Off All Campervans

Got the Mid-Year Blues? There's a cure for that! Get yourself a Spaceship and blast off to explore the outer space of Australia. Follow your heart and experience the sound of silence at remote locations. Or follow the sun and leave the colder areas behind. And with this massive Mid-Year Discount roadtripping in Australia got a whole lot cheaper. Don't miss out!

  • Book now & travel between 9 July 2024 and 31 August 2024 - All campervans at all locations are discounted!
  • Best Price Guarantee applies, so you'll get the lowest price available. And we'll match any Spaceships quote found elsewhere.

Book Now to Get 15% Off

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The Mid-Year Madness Sale ends on 31 July 2024, unless sold out prior! (and this deal will sell quickly)

No hidden fees: the price you see is the price you'll pay

Our fleet is ready and raring to go, packed with sleeping & cooking gear - everything you need - to navigate the wild and wonderful world down under! But be warned, these beauties are so popular they practically drive themselves out of our lots. The race to book is as exciting as the race to explore, so don't be the one telling tales of the one who got away.

T&C of the deal: deal applies to new bookings only | cannot be combined with other offers | travel dates must match (see above)

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Advantages of booking a Spaceship

  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Sleeping gear is included: comfy mattress, duvet, pillow and sheets
  • Cooking gear is included: pans, plates, cups, mugs, utensils, cutlery and more
  • It's free to add an additional driver
  • Basic insurance is included: paid upgrade to extended cover is available
  • After-hours and weekend pick-ups are free
  • No fee for one-way trips
  • No fee for young drivers

No hidden fees at all

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What is the best season to get a discount on campervan hire?

Discounts on campervan hire can happen at any time, just like they can disappear after a few weeks. Discounts on campervan hire are always for a limited amount of time, a limited amount of campervans or a limited amount of locations or vehicle categories. It is always a surprise what kind of discount will pop up. But you can rest assured, no matter what discount is live our super-advanced booking engine will always apply it automatically if your travel dates and selected locations match. You will never miss out on a discount when you book a Spaceships campervan.

Is there a promo code for discounts on campervan hire?

The great thing about booking a Spaceships campervan is that you don't need a discount code or a promo code. We don't believe in hidden discounts. We believe in giving everyone the same low price or the same discounted price. When you book your campervan online our system will always give you the lowest available price and will apply any discount that is active at the moment. All you have to do is to make sure your travel dates and pick-up & drop-off locations match the deal's conditions. Easy as.

No promo code or discount code is needed, so no need to shop around for a better deal. You will always get the best available deal on the official Spaceships website, which is this one.

Campervan discount in summer

Summer is always a super busy season. Lots of people want to enjoy the sunshine and explore their state or several states. As Spaceships campervans come with unlimited kilometres the possibilities are endless. Travel as far as you want for as long as you want. As travel within the dates you have selected on your booking.

Discounts in summer don't happen that often. So if you do see a summertime discount on our website, it is best to book that deal as soon as possible. These summertime discount deals always sell out quickly. And all discount deals are always on a limited-time basis, they are available until date XYZ, unless sold out prior. 

Discounted campervans in spring

Spring in Australia is a great season. The perfect time for a road trip. Of course, it all depends on the state you want to explore. That's the great thing about Spaceships Australia. We have several depots in states like Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. And with no fee for one-way trips, it is super easy to pick your campervan up at one depot and drop it off at another. As long as you book it in. You can't just change your mind and decide to leave your Spaceships somewhere else.

Spring is also the season you will see more campervan discounts. Just make sure you book that discount quickly as these deals sell out quickly as well. Even if you aren't certain about your travel dates yet, there are several ways to make sure you don't miss out a discount deal.

  • Create an online quote and send it to your email address. That way you will have locked in the price and the discount deal. It'll be valid for several days (the exact amount of days will be specified on your quote) so you can turn it into a booking a few days later. As long as your quote is still valid, it can be booked in. Even if the price has changed and the discount deal is no longer active, When you have created a quote and have emailed it to yourself, the price is locked in (as long as the quote is still valid).
  • Book it in as you can always change your travel dates for free. That is one of our promises that will give you all the flexibility you need in uncertain times.

Autumn road trip discount 

Discounts do happen in autumn as well. You will find a seasonal discount like this on the official Spaceships website as well. And the official website is this one, just check the URL to make sure the domain is spaceshipsrentals dot com dot au. That is the place to get the best deals on campervan hire in Australia.

Whether you want to explore the outer space of Australia in autumn or any other season. Spaceships will give you the best available deal, every time. And no need to add a discount or promo code. We like to keep things as easy as possible.

Winter discounts on campervan hire

Things wintertime is a bad time for roadtripping? Thinks again. There are places in Australia where you won't notice it is winter. But even in states where winter does kick in, it's still a great time for a road trip. Check out this blog post about a road trip from Melbourne, exploring the outer space of Victoria.

The great thing about winter in Australia is that there will be more discount deals around. And they will all be listed on our discount page, the official overview of all campervan hire discounts by Spaceships Rentals. Make most of the winter and book a discounted campervan. See where the road will take you.

Seasonal discounts you don't want to miss!

As you can see from the info above, any season is a great season to score a campervan discount deal. Just make sure you don't wait too long and miss out. Book these deals when you see them. There are heaps of travellers looking for the best deal on campervan hire, so our seasonal discount deals are super popular.

Have a great and discounted road trip, Space Travellers.