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01 October, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
29 June, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

The best way to learn about a new place is through its food, and Australia has quite a few native favourites to welcome you to the outback. You can't travel on an empty stomach, so here are some foodie favourites and foodie destinations in Australia to help you along the way.

Surf and Turf

You might be surprised to learn the wild isn’t the only place to find Kangaroos. Those cute and cuddly creatures also have a home in the meat department. Whether or not you’re willing to make the jump, locals agree about two things: it’s delicious, and there’s plenty of it. If you’re not ready for Kangaroo, Barramundi might be a better fit. This native sea bass is found in restaurants all over the country. The Barramundi is only found in the Indo-Pacific region of the ocean, so you know it’s going to be fresh.

Typical Australian dish: kangaroo tail for lunch | photo: CameliaTWU (CC BY NC ND 2.0)

Typical Australian dish: kangaroo tail for lunch | photo: CameliaTWU (CC BY NC ND 2.0)

Big things in small packages

If you’re looking for a couple of snacks on the go, you might want to try Tim Tam. Tim Tams are chocolate biscuits/cookies. Think of them as the Australian answer to biscotti, and enjoy them with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Once you've tried a Tim Tam you will be a fan for life and will crave these biscuits even when back in your home country. That's the magic of Tim Tams.

Lots of fans have even created rules how to eat Tim Tams properly.

  • Rule #1: You do not share Tim Tams, If you share Tim Tams, they disappear at an alarming rate.
  • Rule #2: The proper way to eat a Tim Tams: bite off the corners diagonally at opposite ends. Get a cup of tea or coffee, put the top of the Tim Tams into your mouth and put the bottom of the Tim Tam into the tea or coffee. Suck like crazy, then shove the biscuit into your mouth before it melts all over your hands. By the way, it is impossible to eat a Tim Tams without getting chocolate all over your hands.
  • Rule #3: If you have to share, you can only share with me!

Close to the heart of every Aussie, a Golden Gaytime is toffee and vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and coated with biscuit crumbs. This treat is a perfect answer to the Australian heat.

Something sweet

Swing by a bakery for some Anzac biscuits. These honey-drizzled oat and coconut-coated treats have a history dating back to WWI. Wives would send their husbands these biscuits for a taste of home while they were fighting overseas.

Pavlova, another local sweet, is the subject of some debate among Aussies and Kiwis as to just who gets the right to call it their own. After one bite, you can tell why this meringue cake topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit would be a point of national pride.

It comes from the Land Down Under

Ah, Vegemite. The famed savoury spread is known by song around the world: "He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich. And he said I come from a land down under, where beer does flow and men chunder". Just when you thought this list had forgotten the most famous, or infamous, culinary contribution Australia has offered the world. Whether you like it or not, it’s not something you can afford to pass up.

Mindil Beach Sunset Market

This Darwin gem is open April through October and is one of the most unforgettable foodie destinations in Australia. Because Darwin has one of the most diverse populations in Australia, it has the cuisine to match. This market beachfront strip offers a fanfare of food and beverages ranging from Asian fusion to crumbed Calamari. Cruise through the staggering array flavours on parade and find a nice spot on the beach to watch the sun sink into the ocean.

Artisan coffee

Something unforgettable is brewing in Melbourne. The city has become renowned for its baristas, dedicated to serving the most artfully crafted caffeine on the continent. These cafes attract coffee aficionados from around the world, but you don't have to be an expert to see why.

Wine country

Yellow Tail may be the first thing to come to your mind, but it's not the only Australian wine on offer. World-class wines have expanded from France to all over the world. Though wine may not be the first thing you think of when you consider foodie destinations in Australia, the McLaren Vale Wine Region (in the Adelaide area) may change your mind. The area is regarded for its prized Shiraz wines.

Or explore Hunter Valley Wine Country - just 175 km from Sydney - and see (taste) the amazing wines that are created there. But the region has more to offer. You'll find detailed info in our blog post 'How to enjoy Hunter Valley in just 3 days'

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