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28 November, 2023 - Updated Last updated on
29 November, 2023

Posted by Mike | Spaceships Crew

A campervan road trip is an amazing and flexible way to explore Australia. Roadtripping is the ultimate feeling of freedom: go where you want to go and stay where you want to stay. Compact campervans are the ultimate road trip companion but there's also a new kid in town: 4-berth campervan hire in Australia. The famous Spaceships 4-berth campervan with rooftop tent has heaps of Space Travellers raving about the amazing views from the top.

Isn't it time you take your Aussie road trip plans to the next level - with a campervan with rooftop tent - and see what all the fuss is about?

Room with a View - a 360-degree panoramic view!

The Spaceships Beta 4-berth campervan is fitted out with a high-spec quality rooftop tent from James Baroud. While you’re driving, it packs down to a slimline top box. But when you want to stop and sleep for the night, you can pitch this large 2-person tent in minutes. No tent poles, no guy-ropes, no hassle.

Once you’ve climbed the telescopic ladder to your rooftop tent, nothing beats the panoramic view from the top. And what a view. This is the real beauty of an Aussie road trip when you hire this 4-berth campervan.

Spaceships has depots throughout Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. So whether you want to experience The Great Barrier Reef from Cairns or marvel at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge with a campervan rental in Sydney, your 4-berth campervan with rooftop tent is going to give you the best view of Australia.

And with unlimited kilometres and free one-way hires, you can elevate your campervan hire in Australia from just another road trip and blast off on an epic #spaceshipsroadtrip!

Comfortbably rooftop camping in the Beta 4-berth campervan

Comfortably rooftop camping in the Beta 4-berth campervan

Get more from your Aussie road trip – up to four on tour!

Another massive bonus of the 4-berth campervan with rooftop tent is, well, that it seats and sleeps four people. Most compact campervans only sleep two in the bed in the back of the campervan, but the addition of the rooftop tent gives you a campervan for four. You also get all cooking and sleeping gear for 4 – at no extra cost.

This makes it the perfect choice for families – you can also fit a baby or child seat into the 4-berth campervan. And kids love sleeping in the rooftop tent, with mum & dad below in the comfy double bed in the campervan. By the time the kids wake up, you’ll have already had time for a quiet cup of coffee “downstairs” and rustled up some breakfast in the camp kitchen in the back of the campervan before you hit the road again.

Spaceships campervan with rooftop tent: kids in the rooftop tent while dad is standing on the ladder

4-berth campervan hire: perfect for a travelling family. Kids love the rooftop tent!

It also means you can go on a road trip with your mates, or as two couples. This means you can split the cost, making a Spaceships Campervan rental one of the most affordable in Australia. Or stay twice as long on the road and see even more. There is soooo much to see and do in Australia, and you can get more from your trip with a huge choice of places to stay and free camping where you can.
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There is also the option of two friends travelling together, but each with the luxury, space and privacy of their own double bedroom. Or a couple and 1 or 2 extra friends – extra passengers can even join you for a long weekend on the trip. With your rooftop tent on the compact campervan, you can have friends in high places!

Whichever way you look at it, a Beta 4-Berth from Spaceships is a road trip on another level!

Your rooftop tent – penthouse-style designer living

In addition to having elevated panoramic views, the rooftop tent on the Beta 4-berth campervan is a high-specification, quality product. From the gas-assisted struts that erect and pack away the tent in a matter of seconds, to the internal lighting from an LED rechargeable light and solar-powered ventilation. It protects you from UV rays and bugs in the summer but keeps you warm on cooler nights.

The lightweight telescopic aluminium ladder makes it easy to climb up to the rooftop tent but folds down to stow away easily once you have closed the tent back into its storage top box to continue your road trip in Australia.

It has a large double bed - 1.62m wide x 1.98m long - with a comfortable built-in high-density foam mattress. There are storage compartments in the rooftop tent, and the tent is fully waterproofed and has been tested in winds up to 100km/h. So you can sleep easy in your rooftop tent.

Mom & kid sitting inside the rooftop tent of the Beta 4-berth campervan with rooftop tent

Plenty of space in the rooftop tent of the Beta 4-berth campervan

Take your campervan hire in Australia to the next level

Think of the possibilities of creating the perfect tour around Australia and Tasmania. A choice of depots in different places; unlimited kilometres with no fee for one-way hires.

It’s so easy to hire a Spaceship. Anyone aged 18 or older with a valid driving licence can hire and drive a Spaceships campervan in Australia, including the amazing 4-berth campervan with rooftop tent. You can create your own unique road trip around the outer space of Australia in your Spaceship! Go where you want and stay where you want. Take off in one place and land at another in your Spaceship – with no extra cost.

And with a rooftop tent in a Beta 4-berth campervan, you have even more choice and even more fun.

Beta 4-berth campervan with rooftop tent is perfection for all

The 4-berth campervan with rooftop tent is the only campervan in the Spaceships Australia fleet that offers 2 separate beds - one double bed inside the campervan and one double in the rooftop tent. Travel with your best mates and split the cost of your road trip. Take a tour with 2, 3 or 4 people. The only difficulty you’ll have is fighting over who gets to sleep in the luxury loft bedroom – the rooftop tent!

But it is more than a great vehicle for travelling mates looking for separate sleeping quarters. It's also the perfect family campervan. Take your children or grandchildren on an unforgettable adventure. Kids love having their "own bedroom" on the road while (gran)parents love the fact that they're still close by and easy to supervise.

Living the high-life

The rooftop tent on the Beta 4-berth campervan means you can love life on the road and still live the high life! We're stoked that we now have the Beta 4-berth rooftop camping van with quality rooftop tents from James Baroud. Now up to 4 people can explore Australia by Spaceship.

Take your Australian campervan hire to the next level with a Spaceships 4-berth campervan with a rooftop tent.

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