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24 May, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
29 June, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Ready for your Aussie road trip? Looking for info about camping in Australia? Awesome. We've collected a wide range of info that'll tell you about where to go and how to find amazing camping sites in Australia for campervans. Check it out!

Where to go in Australia?

Australia is an amazing country to explore in a campervan or camping car. Each state offers its own stunning and unique attractions. You want world heritage listed parks try the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Mountains or Kakadu National Park. Try your hand at surfing? Check out Byron Bay, Bondi Beach or something really special like Torquay on the Great Ocean Road.

Maybe Australia’s flora & fauna is your thing? Western Australia’s stunning wildflowers in season are hard to beat, Tasmania is incredibly hard to beat for its abundance of native animals and of course let’s not forget Australia’s largest island, Kangaroo Island.  Whatever you're looking for, your Spaceships campervan will take you there.

Finding camping sites in Australia for campervans

You can read heaps of travel guidebooks or ask many travellers but there easier ways to find info about camping in Australia and finding all the good spots. You guessed it. The info is all on this page.

Tip #1: download free travel & camping app

We would love to hop in the car and go with you. But we have to help so many more travellers to get on the Australian roads to see all the awesome stuff our country has to offer.

Now there's an easier way to get all the info. Simply download our free travel & camping app for Android and Apple. It's free, even if you're not travelling with one of our campervans.

Free app to find all free and budget camping sites in Australia for campervans

Free app to find all free and budget camping sites in Australia for campervans

Our app is packed with info from fellow travellers like yourself. It's connected to the CamperMate database, so it's always up to date. And you can add info along the way as well. Together we'll make it the best travel app ever. Although we have to admit, it's already an awesome app. Close to perfection.

Camping Australia map and guidebook

We provide on request, a free copy of the Camps Australia Wide guidebook (subject to availability) in our vehicles.

What a road trip is all about: staying at amazing and remote camping sites in Australia for campervans

What a road trip is all about: staying at amazing and remote camping sites in Australia for campervans

Camping tips to make your life easier

Here are some of our favourite places to go camping in Australia. Check out the info below, including tips on how get to the campsites.

1. Mitchell River National Park

The remote Mitchell Plateau is more than a 15-hour drive from Kununurra, but this part of the world is worth it. Just an extra four-mile walk from the campsite is Mitchell Falls, one of the most beautiful in the world. You really have to want to see this place to make the effort, and the campsite is extremely basic so you need to be self-sufficient. Maybe not one for first-time campers! (more info)

2. Bamurru Plains

This site in the Northern Territory is a natural wonder on the Mary River floodplains. This is a great glamping destination, as you can walk through the wetlands and woods, and then return to a luxury safari suite, if you fancy a break from the van. (more info)

3. Booderee National Park

New South Wales has some of the most stunning beaches in the world, and Booderee National Park has the best in this area, as long as you like white sand, turquoise sea with a backdrop of lush woodland, that is! (more info)

4. Dawsons Spring campground

Located in Kaputar National Park Dawsons Spring camping ground is a short walk from some of the most amazing views in the country. Mount Kaputar is the focal point of the region and from the campsite, you can explore the whole area, and take startling in the views from the summit. (more info)

5. Iga Warta

Iga Warta in Southern Australia is a fantastic place to make camp. The name means ‘place of the native orange tree’ and this place is still owned by indigenous people. There are bush tucker tours of the area where you can try the local edible plants and learn which ones are used medicinally by Aborigines. (more info)

List of Australia's National Parks

Australia’s National Parks are run by the states. National park campsites are in general more basic & budget in compared to private owned campsites.  The fee usually ranges from AU$4 to AU$12 per night, depending on the facilities available, location and season. We love them though. They are usually more quiet, remote, beautiful and cheap than anything else you will find.

  • Queensland National Parks (info)
  • New South Wales National Parks (info)
  • Victoria National Parks (info)
  • South Australia National Parks (info)
  • Northern Territory National Parks (info)
  • Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park (info)
  • Kakadu National Park Australia (info)

Top Tourist Park: lots of camping sites in Australia for campervans

Top Parks have been around for more than 30 years. They are Australia’s largest group of holiday parks, so there’s always a Top Park close by. You can choose from three styles of parks: Top Caravan, Holiday and Resort Parks.

Discovery Holiday Park: great holiday experience

At Discovery Park it’s all about the location. They have parks in the outback, on the waterfront and even in National Parks. Their motor is “providing you with the best holiday experience in the country”.

Travel tips for your Australian road trip

Australia is a very safe country to travel in with easy access and to all our attractions. Yet our climate and environment can be extreme & unpredictable. A little common sense and pre-planning will ensure you stay prepared. Check out Australia's Travel Tips & Hazards for more information and to be prepared when you go camping in Australia.

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