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13 November, 2023 - Updated Last updated on
13 November, 2023

Posted by Marty | Spaceships Crew

Spaceships Campervan Rentals Australia is the real deal when it comes to compact campervan hire in Australia. We love compact campervans - based on the Toyota Estima - as they are so easy to drive and super comfy to sleep in. "Well, that is what you are saying", is what we can hear you thinking or mumbling. Yes, indeed it is our opinion but also that of 1000s of Space Travellers who explored the outer space of Australia before you.

So how about we turn to the almighty AI systems for a more independent article about campervan hire in Australia? A blog post that will answer all your campervan and camping in Australia-related questions, all created by an independent system. How does that sound?

How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Australia?

According to our friendly AI source, the cost of hiring a campervan - aka answering the dollar question - “can be as varied as the Aussie landscape itself. On average, you’re looking at between $75 to $300 a day, depending on the van’s size and luxury level. Remember, the early bird gets the worm! If you book in advance, you might snatch a better deal.”

Well, let us correct that answer... Spaceships campervan hire in Australia doesn’t cost that much. Our prices are flexible and based on factors like time of the year (seasonality), supply & demand and more. You can hire from as low as $71 per day (for example, 10-24 April 2025 in Cairns), depending on the route and travel dates you select in our super-smart booking engine. That system is so smart that it will always give you the lowest price that is available on that date/route combo.

Any active discount or deal will be applied automatically. No need to search the internet for promo codes. And no worries as you won’t find a lower price for a Spaceships campervan elsewhere. If you do WE WILL MATCH ANY SPACESHIPS QUOTE FOUND ELSEWHERE. That’s our Best Price Guaranteed Promise.

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in Australia?

“Australia's vast, but you can't just park your campervan anywhere for a snooze. While there are heaps of designated rest areas and campsites, wild camping (that's parking and sleeping outside of these areas) can land you a fine in many places. Always check local signs and council regulations!”... Is what this particular travel AI told us when we asked it that question.

Yeah, it is that easy to find campsites in Australia. And by using these free camping apps for Android and iPhone, it’ll be even easier. Combined with the Camps Australia-Wide book that we’ve put in every Spaceships campervan, you’ll always find an amazing approved spot to spend the night.

Two Space Travellers enjoying camping at an amazing & remote campsite

Camp in amazing & remote places in Australia

How to get a campervan in Australia?

“Easy peasy! Head to a campervan hire company, either online or in person. Popular starting points include cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Fill out the paperwork, grab your keys, and you're on your way!”

Yeah, that’s close but not close enough, dear AI. At Spaceships we believe in giving you all the power and to minimise the use of paper. So, our systems are all online, from the moment you book your campervan to the day of pick-up. This also means that you can set the pick-up time at any time you like and that you can even go for an after-hours pick-up if you’re arriving super early or super late. It can all be done via our super-smart booking system. And if a time or date change is needed, just contact our friendly crew. There’s never a change fee to make changes to your Spaceships booking.

What licence do I need to drive a campervan in Australia?

“Got an English-language driver's license? Sweet as! Most times, that's all you need. If your license isn't in English, though, you might want to get an International Driving Permit. Just make sure you're over 21; many rental companies have that age minimum.”

Oh AI, you really missed the mark there. Or did you forget about Spaceships campervan hire in Australia? A famous Ausie campervan hire brand where everyone 18 years and older with a valid driving licence can hire and drive a Spaceships campervan! And where a provisional (P) licence is also accepted! As long as you are at least 18, have held your licence for 6 months and drive within terms of your licence.

If your driving licence isn’t in English an International Driving Licence (which is a translation) or an official translation done in Australia is needed. Easy as.

Happy Space Traveller next to their Spaceships campervan in a remote location in Australia

Happy days: anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence can hire & drive a Spaceships campervan

How long does it take to travel around Australia in a campervan?

"Australia's massive! A full lap around the coast might take you 6-12 months if you're soaking it all in. However, a shorter trip, say from Sydney to Cairns, might be around 2-3 weeks. Remember, it's not a race—it's about the journey!"

Yeah spot on, AI. Although it is the shortest way to get the message across that there is so much to do & see in Australia. There are so many different ways to get from A to B and to see it all. Luckily there is the Spaceships travel blog where we have listed heaps of suggested itineraries and amazing routes.

The most important things to keep in mind are:

  1. You will never see everything!
  2. You will see so many amazing things every day that you will lose count. No day will be the same in Australia.

Take it easy, be flexible and enjoy every minute of your time in Australia.

Bird's eye view of typical Australian scenery: ocean to the right, a road and desert landscape on the left

Explore the outer space of Australia by Spaceship - There's lots of exploring to do in Australia

How much is a campsite per night in Australia? What is the average price of a campsite in Australia?

From the travel AI: “Most campsites will ask for around $20 to $50 a night for a basic spot. But, prices can surge if you're after the fancy ones with pools, BBQs, and kangaroo yoga (okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the drift).”

That is the price of commercial campsites or holiday parks. There are also plenty of free and budget campsites throughout Australia. Use our recommended free camping apps and the camping bible Camps Australia Wide – a book we have stashed in every Spaceship – to find all campsites in Australia.

What is the difference between a campervan and a motorhome in Australia? What is the best option for exploring Australia?

“Think of a campervan as your cosy studio apartment: compact and nifty. Motorhomes, on the other hand, are like the luxurious penthouses of the road! They're bigger, often come with more amenities like a larger kitchen or a bathroom, but they also come with a heftier price tag.”

That’s a great way of putting it, AI. Also, motorhomes aren’t as easy to drive as a compact campervan. And they are definitely as fuel-efficient as for example a Spaceships campervan. Size of the vehicle doesn’t matter, what matters is what you do with it... Where it’ll take you.

Space Traveller preparing a meal on the cooking area of their compact campervan

A compact campervan from Spaceships comes with cooking & sleeping gear included

Roadtripping in the real world... It’s road trip time!

Exploring a massive continent like Australia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s different from any exploration you may have done in the virtual world: Streetview, VR, a game or via AI’s info and images. Road tripping is experiencing the real thing.

When it comes to reality and being the expert in Aussie road trips, Spaceships Australia is one of the names that comes to mind first. From our blog posts packed with tips, and our friendly and experienced crew to our compact, well-maintained campervans.

It'll be a great #SpaceshipsRoadTrip! Our Travel Promises will take care of that. Now, it is time to get ready for blast-off, so slap on some sunscreen, cue that road trip playlist, and explore the outer space of Australia by Spaceship.

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