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04 July, 2019 - Updated Last updated on
29 June, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Travelling to Australia for the first time is incredibly exciting! There’s so much to see and do in this beautiful country. The best way to experience Australia is a road trip, just you (and a mate), your campervan and the road. No plan, no schedule, just see where the road will take you. Worried about the cost of fuel? No need to. Here are a few ways for you to save on petrol while you’re on the road. By using these tips, you'll never miss a fuel discount in Australia.

1. Fuel dockets or coupons

First on our list is coupons and fuel dockets from supermarkets. Several supermarkets offer a fuel discount when you spend money at their stores. As you'll have to eat, it might be worth your while to shop at a supermarket that offers fuel dockets or fuel coupons. 

Keep in mind that these fuel dockets are becoming less and less common. The “Aldi effect” has changed the way supermarkets operate, and changed their offerings as of recently. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy your groceries at a discount supermarket like Aldi and use the money you saved to spend on fuel, instead of buying more expensive groceries at other supermarkets and getting a fuel discount docket.

It all depends on how much you intend to spend at the supermarket and how much fuel is left in your tank. It also depends on how much you are craving typical European snacks, like the ones from Germany, the Netherlands or France, as Aldi and the other discount supermarket Lidl are famous for stocking European treats on a regular basis. But on the other hand, many Coles stores also have an excellent overseas food & snack selection.

The following supermarket chains in Australia offer fuel discounts: 

  • Coles fuel discount: 4 to 10 cent discount per litre (more info)
  • Woolworths fuel discount: 4 cent discount per litre (more info)
  • Costco fuel discount: low priced petrol year-round (more info)
Use our tips to get a fuel discount in Australia. You'll be surprised how much you'll save on petrol!

Use our tips to get a fuel discount in Australia. You'll be surprised how much you'll save on petrol!

2. Discount or loyalty card

A great way for you to save on petrol is by getting a fuel discount card or loyalty card. This will also require a little research, especially if you’re coming from outside the country. Several service station brands offer loyalty cards for their customers which will provide you with discounts or incentives. Consider looking into which service station brand is most popular along your route, and get a loyalty card from them. Take for example these discount or loyalty cards:

  • Free 7-Eleven fuel discount card: save 4 cents per litre (more info)
  • EasyFuel allows you to earn a fuel discount by shopping at a wide variety of places throughout Australia, not just service stations (more info)

3. Fill it up to save more

You may also want to strategize how often you’re filling up, and how much petrol you’re putting into your car. Petrol station chain Freedom Fuel offers a fuel discount of 4 cents per litre for those that purchase more than 40 litres. The fuel tank of your Spaceships campervan has a capacity of 60 litres so you don't have to wait until you're close to being empty before being eligible for this fuel discount.

Please keep in mind that Australia is an enormous country and petrol stations can be hard to find in some remote areas. Make sure to fill up in time and don't wait until the last drop. Driving in Australia is different from driving in your home country. 

4. Compare fuel prices

On a road trip, you might want to do a little bit of planning to keep the finances in check. Especially when you're in an area where several petrol stations can be found as fuel prices do vary a lot in Australia. Comparison websites are available to help you save on petrol in a specific area. Make sure to check out and bookmark the following fuel price comparison websites.

It’s that easy to find a fuel discount! Several of these fuel comparison websites are also available in app form.

5. Free fuel apps

Speaking of apps, there are plenty available to help you save on petrol. Similar to the websites mentioned above, apps like MotorMouth and GasBuddy (Android app or Apple app) will help you find the cheapest petrol prices in your area. The biggest advantage of the Gasbuddy is that this one can be used in Australia, the USA and Canada so you'll be able to find the lowest prices for petrol in other popular road trip countries as well.

Road trip freedom while saving on fuel

Your time in Australia doesn’t have to be perfectly planned, down to the minute. Spontaneous opportunities are one of the most beautiful things about travelling to a new place! However, a little research and preparation ahead of time can help your trip go as smoothly as possible, and send you through the roads of Australia without breaking the bank.

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