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01 September, 2020 - Updated Last updated on
13 November, 2021

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Lots of travellers in Australia notice that there is a hefty fee for young drivers when wanting to rent a car. Car hire for 20-year-old travellers isn't that easy. Fortunately, there is a solution. A solution for all young drivers not willing to pay these extra fees. It doesn't matter whether you're 18, 19 or 20 years old. This solution will get all young drivers with a valid driving licence on a road trip in Australia. Check it out!

Live your best #vanlife

Travel season is coming up, and you and your mates want to do a massive road trip. But no one in your group is twenty-one years old yet. Most companies will charge a massive fee for car hire for 20 years old travellers. What are the options? You could rent from one of those guys, or you could choose from one of Spaceships campervan options and make the choice easier, affordable, and (most importantly) fun.

At Spaceships, all cooking and sleeping gear is included, and - most importantly - there are no extra fees for young drivers. Anyone 18 years or older with a valid driving licence can hire and drive a Spaceships campervan.

AU girls cooking at campsite

Cook yummy meals at remote campsites. All cooking gear is included. Easy as.

Spend it where you want it

Listen, nobody wants to spend their holiday money on added fees for car hire 20 years old if they're under 21. Spaceships offers super affordable campervan options for your trip withous any extra fees for young drivers. Whether it's just you and a friend (or something a little more romantic) or you're taking three along you can find a van that has room for everyone.

But what about hostels you ask? Sure, you could stay in a hostel and pay nearly the same cost. But has anyone ever actually put a cool photo on Insta with #hostellife? No. Don't bother with noisy neighbours, don't fight over power outlets, and don't worry about choosing between dining out or using sketchy hostel crockery.

Spaceships has you covered. Each campervan comes equipped with linens and crockery, plus the privacy you really want so that you'll be living the #vanlife instead of staring up at the bunk above yours and listening to a stranger snoring. (While you're at it, check out #spaceshipsroadtrip to see other road trippers.).

Pics or it didn't happen

Speaking of Instagram, you're definitely going to want to get as many good shots as you can. Hiring a van from Spaceships means you can add extra drivers at no extra cost. This means more time on the road, finding your next adventure (and your next perfect photo). Spaceships also makes the process of getting your car hire 20 years old more streamlined than the average car hire.

Finding a company to hire a van from makes accommodation easier, untethering you from populated areas. You haven't really seen the country until you've driven out of the city and slept under the stars. Relying on a car hire means that you won't need to hassle with finding a hostel or hotel or even have a detailed plan of your route. Finding affordable places to park the van is easy and cheap, giving you more cash to keep rolling.

Sleeping under the stars in Australia

Experience Australia for real. Sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere

Fun and done

If you're not sure where you're going yet (literally, not existentially) you might also like to know that Spaceships offers unlimited kilometres and one-way trips for no extra cost. Pick up your van at one of Spaceships' locations and go wherever you want, however you want. When you're ready to head home, drop your van at one of the Spaceships depots in New South Wales, Victoria or Queensland without any nasty fees. Have your fun, and when you're done don't sweat the details.

Your holiday deserves to be awesome. Just because you're looking for a care hire 20 years old or younger doesn't mean you should sacrifice your time or money looking for a solution. If you're 18 or older with a valid driver's license, check out Spaceships - there are no fees for young drivers - and go live your best #vanlife.

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