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01 August, 2018 - Updated Last updated on
29 June, 2022

Posted by Spaceships Crew

Sydney is the largest city in Australia and is known for its stunning surroundings, popular tourist sites, and a plethora of attractions. Before starting their campervan hire road trip travellers can take in some of the world' most gorgeous beaches and the majestic Blue Mountain range, or spend the day exploring the city's dining and shopping hotspots!

Travelling to Sydney

Before you begin your beautiful excursions through Sydney you need to get there. Travelling to Sydney is easy by utilizing the Sydney Airport, located in the Mascot suburb and just south of the city's centre.

As Sydney is such a popular destination aka starting point of road trips there are heaps of airlines that service Sydney airport. Airlines like Air Canada, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qantas (of course, it's Australia's national airline), United Airlines, Xiamen Airlines just to name a few. This means that there's always a cheap ticket to be found to travel to Sydney.

Sydney offers the best of both worlds

Yes, Sydney is a massive city (with a population of over 5 million people) but it is so much more than just another big city. City life is great and Sydney has so much to offer. We recently listed our favourite 27 things to do in Sydney, but there is so much more.

And from Sydney, it's super easy to start your Australian road trip. Heaps of campervan hire options in Sydney, your favourite - Spaceships - as well. Hit the road and see what New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria or Queensland have to offer. Flip a coin and start driving in practically any direction to experience amazing scenery and fun things to do.

Check out our itinerary ideas and see how many start or end in Sydney.

Sydney attractions you simply can't skip

You're finally here, now what? Once you arrive in Sydney you might be overwhelmed with what to see and do first. A great resource is a campervan hire Sydney transport. This gives you the flexibility to see what you want, without being restricted to schedules. Travel when and where you want and, when you're ready, stop and camp for the night.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

A can't miss on your trip is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The steel arch bridge dates back to 1932 and is a great way to take a walk and really take in the sights. You can even attach to a safety cord and climb the bridge, or take in the majestic views from Pylon Lookout.

Sydney Opera House

Arguably one of the most notable attractions in Sydney is the Sydney Opera House. It's stunning architecture anchors views of the Harbour and Harbour Bridge leaving you enveloped in stunning views. Make sure to enjoy a cocktail or two at the Sydney Opera Bar during your visit; it's located on the water for the perfect end to another day of adventure.

Campervan hire in Sydney is getting the best of both worlds

Campervan hire in Sydney is getting the best of both worlds

Museums and art galleries

Don't skip out on the city's culture. Visit the local attractions including The Rocks Discovery Museum, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and the Art Gallery of NSW, plus many more. See everything the locals have been raving about for years. After experiencing the culture, make sure to grab a bite to eat at one of the many award-winning restaurants. Nothing beats Sydney flavour.

Time to pick up your Spaceship campervan

Sydney is such an amazing city... You don't want to spend too little time there. But on the other hand too much time spent in Sydney isn't good either. The goal of your Aussie trip was a road trip. Right? Well, let's start the engine and start exploring the outer space of Australia.

First things first. Here's where you can find the Spaceships depot in Sydney. You already booked a great campervan that comes with heaps included, like unlimited kilometres, all sleeping & cooking gear and 24-hour roadside assistance. But what would be the name of your Spaceship? It's always a surprise. Each Spaceships campervan has a unique and sci-fi or space-related name. It could be a name from Star Wars, Star Trek, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy or any other awesome movie. Check out the other Spaceships when roadtripping in Australia. Spotting the names of other Spaceships is a fun game.

All systems are go: it's road trip time!

Oh, by the way, you are aware that there are no one-way fees at Spaceships? It's just as easy to book a one-way trip and drop off your campervan at another depot. Just make sure you have booked it in before you start your road trip.

From Sydney, it's easy to get to wine region Hunter valley and enjoy some freshly crushed grapes there. Or check out Blue Mountains National Park.

At Spaceships, we like to make your campervan hire in Sydney as easy as possible. Our travel blog is packed with road trip inspiration and more posts will be added. It's your one-stop Aussie travel inspiration stop.

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