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How to get massive discounts on travel by creating content

Spaceships campervans are perfect for exploring Australia the way you like it. Total freedom to go where you want to go to. It's the ultimate road trip. Just you, your travel mate(s) and the road… Therefore, no two road trips are the same. By creating content for us you can show fellow travellers how awesome your road trip was. And you’ll earn a nice discount on your campervan hire… Or even a free campervan. Great content will be rewarded accordingly.

Interested in becoming a content creator for us? Check out what we’re looking for and what’s on offer or skip this to go to the how to apply for a content creator slot. Of course, there are more ways to show the awesomeness of your #spaceshipsroadtrip, so feel free to contact us if you have a creative idea.

Travel bloggers: create a blog post about your road trip

Both professional and semi-professional bloggers can get a discount on campervan hire when they create a blog post about where their Spaceships campervan brought them. Of course, there are some rules as we’re looking for specific content. You need to contact us first to talk about your travel dates and itinerary. We have a limited number of vehicles available for our discount-for-content programme!

To tell you a bit more about the rules of our discount-for-content programme... Your blog post:

  • Needs to be published on your travel blog (on its own, individual domain) or on an established travel blog.
  • Has to be an honest review of your Spaceships road trip in Australia. We won’t tell you what or how to write it. That’s totally up to you.
  • You need to include one link to
  • Can be in any language. It doesn’t have to be in English. As travellers we can understand many languages and otherwise our mate Google Translate will help us out.

Of course, we’ll check your travel blog on items like the quality of your blog posts, relevancy, engagement and domain authority. 

Photographers: show how awesome your road trip is

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Such a cliché but so true. One photo of your #spaceshipsroadtrip will show the awesome scenery Australia has to offer and how your Spaceship campervan can get you there.

Contact us today to talk about your travel plans and what kind of photos we’re looking for. Both professional photographers and semi-professionals are invited to contact us. It's all about your skills and the quality of your photos. And we'll reward you accordingly. No worries.

Travel bloggers creating content

Create content for us and get massive discounts on travel: show the world your #spaceshipsroadtrip

Videographers: take us with you on your road trip

If creating dynamic content aka videos is more your cup of tea, then get in touch with us as well. Our video channels and website can always use fresh content. Take us and our fans with you on your road trip (virtually of course, through your videos as we can't fit 1000s of fans in the vehicle) and show them where to go. Be the Australian expert and inspire travellers from all over the world to visit the most interesting places in our amazing country. Create a video of your road trip.

How to apply for a content creator trip

Are you ready to hit the road in Australia to create content for us? Great. Contact our Marketing Geek and include the following info:

  • The content you would like to create: photo, video, blog posts or Instagram posts
  • Travel dates & pick-up & drop-off locations
  • Links to your portfolio, blog or social media accounts
  • Your contact details

This all needs to be done before a campervan can be booked. All content creator/collab projects will need to be approved before the start of your trip! Please don't book your Spaceship yourself!

Creating content is fun and rewarding

As you can see from the information above, we’re always interested in working with a wide variety of content creators. It’s all about your skills, experience and most important about your passion for travelling and roadtripping in our amazing country.

Australia has so much to offer. Grab your gadgets or gear, jump into a Spaceships campervan and start creating content for us. But first, contact us to talk about your travel plans. As we have a limited number of vehicles available for the discount-for-content programme and there are a lot of bloggers and photographers out there, we are selective in who we work with.

Not interested in creating content, but you do like discounts?

We happily offer discounts on campervan hire to real content creators, like travel bloggers and photographers, but we also expect real content in return. If you’re just interested in cheap campervan hire or discounted rates, then have a look at our current discount deals.

Dos & don’ts of the content creation programme

  • We only offer discounts on campervan hire to content creators that have contacted us first. Why? Our content wishlist changes throughout the year. Let’s be honest, who wants to read about the same itinerary or see more photos of that awesome view. There’s so much more to do and see in Australia. And we want to share a lot of different content on our website and social channels.
  • You need to have your own equipment. We don’t have writing, photography or videography equipment available for hire. We are gadgets freaks ourselves so we couldn’t part with gadgets even if we wanted to.
  • We’ll never ever tell you how to do your magic of creating awesome content. We only give you a short briefing to manage everyone’s expectations.
  • As soon as we know some more details about your skills, your travel plans and what you can do for us, we can check availability and see what’s on our content creation wish list at that time of year. Let’s talk, contact us today.
Content you would like to create or that you specialise in

Are you a worldwide content creator?

If you are planning to visit more countries than just Australia, make sure to check out our Spaceships mates around the world. They also offer discounted or free travel to passionate travellers & content creators.